School Uniform


We expect all the children in Reception to year six to wear full school uniform. Children in Nursery have the choice of whether to wear a uniform or not. The uniform is available from local stores and the items below are available to buy from the school office. Please make sure all your child’s clothes are named. (Order name labels onOrder name labels on My Nametags and help us raise funds) and help us raise funds).

Millbrook School Uniform

*Grey trousers or shorts
*Plain white shirt
*School Tie (optional)
*Plain navy V-neck jumper or school sweat shirt

*Grey socks
*Black shoes


*Navy skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
*Plain white shirt
*School Tie (optional)

*Plain navy V- neck jumper or school sweat shirt or cardigan.
*Flat black shoes/white shoes in summer (optional)
*Plain white or navy socks or tights
*In summer navy and white checked dress

*Second Hand Uniform Shop

Second Hand School Uniform Shop
The Friends offer good-quality second hand uniform available for parents to purchase through the school office (2nd hand order form). We also offer this service to parents at the new intake induction meeting and various events during the school year. The uniform is kindly donated by parents whose children have left or are moving up through the school.

Please send any items for donation into the school office.

Proceeds from the sale of second hand uniform are added to the total raised every year by the Friends of Millbrook School.