Year 4 (14/15)


Year 4 Art:  Journeys
We have made clay symbols to represent our journey to London.

Spring Term

SPRING OVERVIEW (2)Year 4 Design and Technology: Pop-up Easter Cards.

SPRING OVERVIEW (1)Year 4 Art: Take a seat.

Year 4 Art: Take a seat.

Year 4 have picked a character and designed a seat for their character. The seat is a model and had to be secure and stand up.


AUTUMN OVERVIEW (2) Year 4 Design & Technology: Pastry – Making Jam Tarts.

Year 4 have made jam tarts in many designs and they tasted delicious!!


Autumn Term

AUTUMN OVERVIEW (1) Year 4 Art: Viewpoints

Year 4 Art: Viewpoints
We have explored ideas ideas about dreams and have collected visual information from different viewpoints. The children have worked in groups tomproduce a small movie of a dream – like story.  With the location being Millbrook School.  If you would like to see the movie please contact the class teacher or Mrs Stringer.