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Newsletter 11th March 2016

Newsletter 11th March 2016


star of the week

Stars of the Week

Every week someone from each class is given a special Star of the Week award to recognise the hard work and dedication they have displayed.

Stars of the week for week ending 11th March 2016

Maximilian Luca
Aidan Paterson

Princekeith Jagundina-Onyema
Annabelle Garbutt

Year 1
Nina Baker
Malachi Bathelmy

Year 2
Zahra Ali
Shay Alexander

Year 3
Gracie Nicholds
Roshan Ngum

Year 4
Oscar Sives
Josiah Smith

Year 5
Vasilis Marcos
OShayna Campbell

 Year 6
 Amber O’Carroll
Mason Bluck

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