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Newsletter, Stars of the Week, Class Attendance and House Award w.e 20th January

Newsletter 20th January 2017


Millbrook School Class Attendance

Each week classes will be awarded Bronze (95% and above), Silver (98%) or Gold (100%) certificates for their attendance. Classes achieving Gold will be awarded 15 minutes golden time.

Week Ending 20th January the following classes received certificates.

Year 3
Year 6


star of the week

Stars of the Week

Every week someone from each class is given a special Star of the Week award to recognise the hard work and dedication they have displayed.

Stars of  the week week ending 20th January 2017

Millie Sparks

Myles Addo
Baylee Smith

Year 1
Maja Domagalska
Ervin Nutaj

Year 2
Logan Sheppard
Dennisa Stroe

Year 3
Tristan Sookaree
Elise Langdell

Year 4
Harry Salisbury
Alexia Bristow-Guacci

Year 5
Aaliyah Tundervary
Rihanna Kendal

Year 6
Qwarmae Robotham
Cosmina Balan

Millbrook House points

Week ending 20th January 2017

Resilient REDS

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