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Newsletter 5th April 2019

Newsletter 5th April 2019

Millbrook School Class Attendance
Each week classes will be awarded Bronze (95% and above), Silver (98%) or Gold (100%) certificates for their attendance. Classes achieving Gold will be awarded 15 minutes golden time.
Week Ending 5th April the following classes received certificates.

Bronze Year 2 Year 3 Year 5 Year 6,


Congratulations to all those children who have reached 100% attendance. 

There were 24 children who achieved 100% from Sept and 49 for this half Term.

The children’s names were put in a hat and twenty lucky children picked will receive a film afternoon in the new term.

Stars of the term week ending 5th April 2019
Every week someone from each class is given a special Star of the week award to recognise the hard work and dedication they have displayed. 

Reception Leah & Nina Year 1 Diego & Lena Year 2  Jaao & Ana Year 3 Whole Class
Year 4  Sheldon & Anna Year 5 Alex & Yasmina Year 6 Caoilfhinn & James


Congratulations to the Blue house with the most points this Half Term. They enjoyed a non uniform day today

Leona, Zac, Macie, Akin, Naomi,Unik, Akin, Nicholas, Antwon, Jacqueline 


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