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Our Crucial Crew Experience Monday 6th November by Year 6

Three weeks ago, at Crucial Crew, we learnt some survival skills that could help us and others . When we got there our class was separated into different groups .We learnt about; electricity, road safety ,cyber bullying and how to save somebody’s life. The first thing that crucial crew taught us was how to stay safe in any vehicle , we read two different texts about accidents that happened because people were not wearing their seatbelts . We learnt how to save a person who has passed out , we know that this is a very important skill to have as a few years ago a little girl, who had just attended Crucial Crew , found her-self saving her fathers life using the skills she had learnt. We learnt about the dangers that are in the Lea Valley park and about how BBQs can cause forest fires. They took us to a place that was really interesting – but also really scary – they gave us questions to answer.

crucial crew image

By Sydney , Isaac , Melissa , Evie, Dmithry and Emma


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