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Attendance at Millbrook Primary School

Attendance and Punctuality

This year our attendance target is 97%. 

We would like you to support us with achieving our target by only keeping children off school when absolutely necessary. We are aware that some children are missing school due to sickness. Please remember to keep your child warm, especially in this cold weather.

As part of our school improvement plan, we are also working on children’s punctuality. We have noticed that some children are beginning to come in later to school. Please remember that the school bell rings at 8:50am, and the children should be in line ready to start their school day at 8.55am. If you are late by 5 minutes a day this equals to 17 lessons across the year. 

If your child is arriving to school at 9am, they are missing 35 lessons a year and disturbing the learning of all the other children in the class. These are registered as unauthorised. Help us to achieve our goals, by ensuring your child attends school every day and is on time at 8:50am.

Parents/carers will receive regular updates on attendance from school. The Headteacher and all the staff monitor attendance daily, weekly, half termly and termly. Children are rewarded in school for excellent attendance and they are very clear about why excellent attendance is important.

Why is regular school attendance so important for my child?

Regular attendance at school means that your child can make the most of their education and improve their chances in adult life.

School can also help your child’s social skills such as making and developing friendships. A regular and punctual attendance pattern will help your child when they go to secondary school and later enter the world of work.

The link between attendance and attainment in school is clear.

The more a pupil is in school the more they increase their opportunity to fulfil their potential.


Schools are legally required to take a register of pupils first thing in the morning and at some point in the afternoon.

If a pupil is late, but the register is still open they are marked as late. If the register has already closed when a pupil arrives late and without a satisfactory explanation, it will be classed as late after the register has closed which will count as an absence. Our registers close at 9:00am.

Continual punctuality is important because if, for example, a child arrives 15 minutes late at school each day, they lose almost 3 weeks of education a year! Absence due to lateness (after 9:00am) will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer.

Holidays during term time

No term time leave for holidays is routinely authorised at Millbrook Primary School.

Parents who choose to take their child out of school without written permission from the school may be issued with a fixed penalty fine.

Only in exceptional circumstances may a head teacher grant permission for leave.

How can I help my child attend school regularly?

  • Talk to your child about school
  • Take a positive interest in your child’s work, including homework.
  • Use the apps and sites we have available to help your child learn such as “Timestable Rockstars”
  • Keep in touch with school staff
  • Contact school on the first day of absence if your child is unable to attend for whatever reason
  • Attend parents’ evenings and other school events

What should I do if I’m worried about my child’s school attendance?

The first thing to do is to contact the school to discuss your concerns.

What are my responsibilities regarding my child’s school attendance?

As a parent/carer it is your responsibility to ensure that any child of compulsory school age attends school both regularly and on time. The local authority has a duty to make sure that all parents/carers fulfil this responsibility.

What will happen if my child does not attend school regularly?

The school should contact you in the first instance to raise concerns about your child’s attendance. If they see no improvement, or there are particular difficulties involved, a referral will be made to the Education Welfare Service.

What if my child’s school attendance does not improve?

Parents whose children are on a school register and fail to ensure the regular and punctual attendance of their child(ren), may be guilty of an offence under Section 444 or 444(1A) of the Education Act 1996 and the Local Authority may issue a Penalty Notice or take enforcement action through the Courts to secure regular attendance.

How will regular school attendance help my child?

School gives your child a wide range of opportunities and experiences in the form of academic lessons, educational trips and school clubs allowing them to develop their interests and achieve their full potential. Regular school attendance means that your child can make the most of their education.