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Complaints Procedure

Who can make a complaint?


This complaints process is not limited only to parents or carers of children that are registered on roll at the School. Other people, including members of the public, may make a complaint to our School, provided that the complaint relates to the provision of facilities or services that we provide. Any issues for which a separate statutory process applies (such as appeals regarding exclusions or admissions) do not fall within the scope of this process. The School will confirm to you upon receipt whether or not your complaint falls under this policy and procedure and what will happen next if it does. For issues that fall outside of this policy and procedure, the School will confirm the correct process that applies instead.


The difference between a concern and a complaint


We define a concern as ‘an expression of worry or doubt over an issue considered to be important for which reassurances are sought’.

We define a complaint as ‘an expression of dissatisfaction however made, about actions taken or a lack of action that requires an investigation and formal response in writing’.

It is in everybody’s interest that concerns and complaints are resolved as swiftly as possible. Many issues can be resolved informally, without needing to escalate to the formal stages of the complaints process. Millbrook Primary School takes concerns seriously and we will make every effort to resolve matters as quickly as possible.

If you have difficulty discussing a concern with a particular member of staff, we will respect your views. In such cases, you will be referred to another staff member. Similarly, if the member of staff directly involved feels unable to deal with your concerns, you will be referred to another staff member. The member of staff may be more senior but does not have to be. The ability to consider the concern objectively and impartially is the most important factor.