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E Safety for Parents and Carers

Dear Parents and Carers,

Social networking is hugely popular, and its use is increasing under the current Covid climate. Many young people are sophisticated in the way they use social media apps and websites, tailoring their communication for different audiences, and accessing them from a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, and games consoles.

But social media, like all forms of public communication, comes with some risks. Not all of these risks turn into actual problems; and if children never face any risks, they never learn how to deal with them. By helping your child understand what the risks are, you can play a big part in preventing them from turning into problems.

As a school, we have registered with National online Safety whereby staff and governors have completed courses online to ensure they are aware of the risks and how to deal with them. As parents, we would like you to also sign up for free, so that you are aware of the potential risks and how to keep your child safe when using social media.

Parents can sign up to our school by using our unique sign up link:

You will have access to many courses and guidance. We encourage all parents to sign up.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Pereira-Barker.

Follow the link for further information Educational Guides | E-safety Guides & Posters for Schools (

e-safety information for Parents

The internet is becoming an integral part of our and our children’s lives and it is becoming more and more accessible. Whether your children are using the internet at home or at school, on their phone, laptop or on a tablet, it is important that parents are equipped with the knowledge on how they can keep their children safe, whilst allowing them the freedom to explore the world and develop their knowledge.

Keep your computer in a shared area – Talk to your child about what they are doing online and, if possible, set up your computer in a shared area at home so that you can all share in the wonderful sites that are available online.
Download a poster to put next to your computer. This could help you talk to your child about safe use.

The internet is like a magician’s hat. It’s full of exciting things to explore and children love it. But whilst they seem to know what they’re doing, sometimes it’s hard for parents to keep track.

Kidssmart –  learn about the internet and mobile phones and being a SMART surfer

NSPCC – Will help you make sure your children are safe as they explore it.

Think u know -It can seem difficult to keep up-to-date with the technology that children use. You can find out much more information and support about digital technologies here.

Social media

There are many sites that incorporate chat, instant messaging, games, email and mobile. As with all social media sites particular care should be given to who we befriend and trust, protecting personal details and accessing age appropriate materials. ·

Chatdanger – a site all about the potential dangers on interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles.

If you have any concerns about internet safety please contact us.