Years 5/6 Play - Ticket Order Form

The Complete History of the World (abridged) – 18th July.

Years Five & Six Production – Tuesday 18th July (2pm & 6:30pm)

The children in Years Five and Six are putting on a production of The Complete History of the World (abridged). There will be two performances on Tuesday 18th July at 2:00pm and 6:30pm. In order to comply with Health and Safety Regulations, we are only able to offer 2 tickets for each performance to each family in the two classes. We will issue the tickets to your child, spares will be allocated on Monday 17th July.  All the children in school will have had the opportunity to watch the performance during the school day prior to the final productions and they will not be allowed in the hall during the evening. We are happy to allow pre-school children into either performance, but we do ask if they become restless and noisy you take them out.