Year 5 Art (14/15)

Spring Term

SPRING OVERVIEW (2)Year 5 Design & Techology: Making Bread

Year 5 D&T: Making Bread
Year 5 have been busy designing and making their own bread, which should have made its way home if it was not eaten before! We have had some great comments on the way they look and how they taste.

SPRING OVERVIEW (1) – Year 5 Art: Containers

Year 5 Art: Containers
Year 5 created their own containers to suit their own purpose.


AUTUMN OVERVIEW (2) Year 5 Design & Technology: Creative Bags.

Year 5 have made very creative bags.


Autumn Term

AUTUMN OVERVIEW (1) Year 5 Art: Objects and Meanings.

Year 5 Art:  Objects and Meanings.
Year 5 bought in objects from home which had a special meaning to them and painted a still life using watercolours.