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The children have been looking at Neil Gaiman’s The Wolves in the Walls. Encourage the children to re-tell the story from Lucy’s perspective (or perhaps tell it from one of the wolves’ point of view)! Ask them what they liked/disliked about this book and its illustrations. Would they recommend it to a friend? Why?

It is critical for our pupils to be able to:

  1. Explore their descriptive vocabulary.
  2. Build cohesion and make use of coordinating conjunctions.
  3. Review and edit their own writing. They should be motivated to ask themselves: “How can I up-level this?” Encourage them to read their writing aloud to a family member.




Please make this a priority and ensure that your child reads everyday (for at least 15 minutes) to enhance their skills across ALL subjects.  Please encourage your child to update their reading record book daily with:


  • Records of the page numbers that they have read (e.g p24-30)
  • Comments about what they have read to demonstrate comprehension – for example: I enjoyed this part because...*; I found this character interesting because....*; I predict that.....will happen next because....*; I was confused because...* etc. 


*evidence/quotes from book can be used to support comments


Read aloud to an adult (at home) once a week with a comment written in the reading record book & signed by the adult.