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Friday 23rd October

Learning Objective:

Use everyday language to talk about the shape and size of objects and order three items by height or length

Key Concepts:

I want the children to… Compare items by length



Enjoy the Digit Dance – for 1, 4 and 7 (up, down, side to side, open and cross)



Show the children 2 pieces of train track (or something else you have at home that come in different lengths). Ask ‘What can you see?’ Take children’s answers and establish that one is long and the other is short. Hold them both up and ask ‘Which one is long?’ and then ‘Which one is short?’ Repeat with 2 strings of beads. ‘What can you see?’ and then ‘Which one is long? And ‘Which one is short?’ Then bring out another string of beads. Show the shortest and say ‘This one is short’ and then the next longest one ‘This one is long’ and then the longest ‘This one is even longer’ Tell the children that you are going to put them down starting from shortest to longest and then line them up in the middle of the circle. Repeat with the train tracks adding a third piece in. Give the children 3 lengths of straws. Ask them to order them from shortest to longest.



Inside – different items from Goldilocks in different sizes eg, small, medium and large bowls. Ask the children to order by size. Which is the smallest? Which is the largest? Can you put them in order from smallest to largest? Outside – ask children to collect 3 different lengths of sticks – Which is the shortest? Which is the longest? Can you order them from shortest to longest?