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Watch lesson: 'Design a Healthy snack.'


Once you have designed your own healthy snack, write an advert which can be read on the radio telling people about your new snack.

  • Remember to use the vocabulary you have learnt so far to really sell your snack. 
  • Think about your target audience before you write your advert. How will you convince them to buy it?



Watch lesson 5: 'Multiply mixed numbers by integers'

(watch again if you're not feeling sure.) One you're ready, tackle today's worksheet!



As we're about to get back into school, it's time to consider how you are going to adapt your current lifestyle to keep your mind, body and soul fresh and happy! How can you make sure that you have lots of energy and brain power available for the typical day at school? cool

Watch the video lesson below:

We then want you to make your own lifestyle prompt! You can hang this on your wall at home to remind you and your family members to stick to the important elements of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. wink You can design and decorate this in whatever style you wish (please take a photo or share it in our class meeting)!