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Our Vision


At Millbrook Primary School, the subject of History is taught to provide a positive impact on the children’s development as Historians. We provide tools to develop their investigatory interlinking thinking skills across all subjects in the curriculum.


History at MPS encourages the enquiry approach, using artefacts, documents and other sources of quality information, incorporating novels and picture books based on historical themes. We also partake in school trip visits to historical places to complement topics being explored. Our enquiry approach encourages your child to develop their own perspective, place judgement on their ideas and support their conclusions using their higher thinking skills. History at Millbrook is all-encompassing, with your child’s developed interests always at the heart of what we do.

How we ensure access for all:



At Millbrook, we use 'PlanBee' throughout the year groups to offer guidance to all teachers and to support our pupil's learning. We recognise that in all classes, pupils have a wide range of abilities and so we seek to provide suitable learning opportunities for all, by matching the challenge of the task to the ability of the individual. We also use a range of materials and resources to also meet individual needs.


A variety of teaching styles are used to encourage maximum participation, where skills, knowledge and understanding of Geography can grow freely. Demonstrations and techniques are given alongside a wealth of resources. Examples of pupil’s work are shown to allow critical thinking and pupils develop the skills needed to self-evaluate their own and others’ work, suggesting what has been successful and how to improve.

How we assess



We assess children by assessing children with quizzes and this will enable teachers to build on their prior learning. We use assessment grids to allow us to understand how to help children in the next unit of learning or the year ahead.