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Friday 23rd October - Measuring cm's

Thursday 22nd October Measuring - Mass

Tuesday 20th October   Maths - capacity


Watch the video on Class Dojo and send me one back!


In your video can you:
1) Tell me which cup I should drink from - small, fat, or skinny? Which cup had the biggest capacity?
2) Show me a cup of water that is empty, half full, and less than half full.
3) Estimate how many big pieces of pasta (you can use another small item such as lego) a small cup will hold and check to see if you a right. What was the cup's capacity? 10 pieces of pasta?

Can you think of a crazy idea for capacity?

Monday 19th October    Maths - measuring


Watch the video on Class Dojo and have a go at the activities. There are also activities on mathletics :).


Can you find an object in your house which is 10 pieces of pasta long?


Use different shape pasta. Does it take more pieces to measure the object? Does that mean the object is getting longer?


Why was it important to invent a ruler to measure different objects?

Remember ALL rulers measure using centimeters which are EXACTLY the SAME on every ruler! Your hands and pasta can be of different sizes.