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Millbrook Choir Performance at the Royal Albert Hall

Millbrook Choir Performance at the Royal Albert Hall

Albert Hall

Hertfordshire Schools GalaOn 13th March 2016 the Millbrook choir performed at the Royal Albert Hall it took a lot of practice, but was definitely worth it. In the morning we took a coach into London, it took a long time to get there but my friends and I loved seeing all the sights.When we arrived we walked up the glorious steps, we saw writing engraved onto them it read ”Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Steps.” When we entered the hall we were shown backstage where we dropped our coats and packed lunches off. Then we walked down the long corridor up some steps in to the hall and sat down to practice. We then ran through some songs, the conductor showed us some actions so if we forgot the words we would know what to sing. After we had gone through all the songs we went back stage to eat our lunches. For half an hour we sat and ate our lunches. When we walked into the hall the purple lights shone down we took our seats and sang.

Millbrook school at school gala

Royal Albert Hall

I really  enjoyed going to the Albert Hall I had so much fun.

By Emma Y4- member of Choir

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  1. Linda Russell March 20, 2016

    What an amazing experience. Well Done everyone!


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