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Monday 19th October


Recap last week's learning by watching the Numberblocks episode below and discussing it together.


Show your child 3 items e.g. teddies, and tell them that the teddies are going to play a game with them. Some are going to hide and the children have to try and work out how many are hiding from what they can see. Hide some teddies under a blanket and ask ‘How many can you see?’ ‘So how many are hiding?’ Encourage children to explain how they know ‘How do you know 1 is hiding?’ Support if needed eg. I know one is hiding because 2 and 1 more makes 3. Include 0 and 3 as pairs.



Ask the children what our number of the week is – tell them we are having the same number as last week. Spread a selection of 2d shapes out or draw them on a piece of paper (circle, square, triangle, rectangle)

Ask ‘Can you see a shape that has 3 sides or corners?’ Give children a chance to look and talk about the shapes – then take their answers. Establish that a triangle has 3 sides. Tell them that the name of the shape is ‘triangle’ and that it has ‘3 sides’ – show where the 3 sides are by running your finger along the sides. do the same with the 3 corners.


Draw more shapes (3/4 of each, in different sizes). Ask your child to find a triangle from the shapes. Say ‘a triangle has 3 sides’ and use the ‘I say, You say, You say, We all say’ strategy.


Go on a shape hunt, is there anything around your house that is triangular?


Practice drawing triangles together.