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Watch Lesson 1: 'Add fractions'

(watch again if you're not feeling sure)

When ready, tackle today's worksheet! smiley


Time to see what we know about the Vikings

Read and explore your way through this BBC Bitesize page: 

Uncover everything you can about who the Vikings were and where they came from. Then, it's your turn to colour and complete a map that illustrates the Vikings' origins and invasions. devil


Let's do this! It's time to check how well you can identify the differences between: 

  • Simple sentences
  • Compound sentences
  • Complex sentences

Don't worry though! It's not as scary as it sounds. wink Watch the video lesson: 

Then your final task is to imagine and write the first 3 (short) paragraphs of a story! The rule is that each paragraph HAS to contain at least one simple sentence, one compound sentence AND one complex sentence.