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Sometimes we need to write with a specific purpose. We need to understand our audience and use the right skills and writing tools to influence them. Watch the video lesson to see how we can do this:

Once you have done that, your task at home is to think of your favourite healthy food and write up a convincing argument that will persuade your friends to eat this more often! Think about what are the benefits to eating this delicious treat of yours! Is it easy to make/grow? Is it a good replacement for anything unhealthy? laugh




Watch Lesson 1: 'Subtraction - Breaking the whole'

(watch again if you're not feeling sure). Once you're ready, tackle today's worksheet! 

(If you're finding it really tough, try out this worksheet below to re-boost your skills) 




Now we know you the Vikings were... It's time to learn how did the Vikings fight?

Click on the link and explore the page. Read the articles carefully and try out the labelling activities.

Tasks to complete once you're done:

  • Complete the comprehension sheet
  • Learn how to write out your name in Viking runes