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Newsletter, Class Attendance and Harvest Festival 7th October 2016.

Newsletter 7th October 2016

As we celebrated Harvest Festival today we will hold our celebration assembly (Stars of the week and House Award on Monday)

Millbrook School Class Attendance

Each week classes will be awarded Bronze (95% and above), Silver (98%) or Gold (100%) certificates for their attendance. Classes achieving Gold will be awarded 15 minutes golden time.

Week Ending 7th October the following classes received certificates.

Year 6
Year 4
Year 1



Today we celebrated Harvest Festival. The children of year 2- 6 gave a presentation about Fairtrade and demonstrated the supply chain of a banana, how chocolate gets into ice-cream and how coffee reaches the U.K.Year 1 spoke about tea and performed the Tiger who Came to Tea and Reception investigated how chocolate was made.  A great big thank you to all of you for your very kind donations which the School Council will be taking to the Broxbourne Food Bank.  It was amazing to see so much food that will bring delight to many.

Harvest 2016


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  1. Mrs Bamlett October 7, 2016

    What a lovely Harvest Festival. I was so proud of the children of Millbrook.


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