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Computing at Millbrook

Vision and Intent

At  Millbrook Primary School, we aspire to provide an enriching, diverse and creative curriculum. Technology has transformed the way we live, study and work. We deliver PurpleMash Schemes of Work to support children to become safe, inspired and confident within computing.


Parenting in a Digital World - Advice for Parents 


Our intent for the Computing curriculum is that it will provide opportunities for pupils to explore and develop their ideas through problem-solving situations. This will encourage pupils to discuss their ideas through questioning, which will help to underpin their computational thinking.

Pupils will also be encouraged to become critically aware of their own and other’s online behaviour. They will develop effective strategies for being online-safe, encourage them to express themselves and make positive contributions online. They will continually practice and develop their skills they learn so they can become creative users of computing technology suitable for future workplace. As computing is something that is always continually evolving it is critical that our pupils develop skills which is supported through the natural links with other subject areas in their schooling carrier.

Millbrook Primary School takes internet safety extremely seriously. Our curriculum therefore places equal emphasis on teaching ‘Online Safety’ in line with the expectations of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021 (KCSIE 2021) and guidance on safeguarding and remote education during coronavirus.


Purple Mash

What is Purple Mash?

Purple Mash is a cloud-based platform used by primary-aged children. It contains a wide range of age-appropriate, creative software tools for coding, animating, blogging and much more (please see curriculum map to see topics covered in each year group)


What should you do first?

After receiving your child’s Purple Mash login from your class teacher, it is a good idea to log in to Purple Mash with your child.

Make sure to:

-Familiarising yourself with the menu icons.

-Looking at any set tasks that have been given to your child (2Dos icon)

-Finding out about Class Blogs and Display Boards accessible via the Sharing Icon

-Exploring the grammar, maths and spelling activities which match the National Curriculum

-Play one of many fun, educational collaborative games such as 2Race

-Delve into the Science area and find out about all the areas of Science it covers

-Investigate the Topics area to support securing their knowledge of the wider curriculum

-Tour the Computing area trying out some of the tools such as 2Code, 2Go and Logo

-Get creative in the Tools section, from making an animation to building a printable 3D model.

-Learn through play in Mini Mash (For children aged 3 to 5).


How can you get more involved?

As a parent, you can find out about your child’s learning on Purple Mash and support them beyond the classroom by registering with Parent Portal.

Parent Portal allows you to easily see the learning your child has been doing on PurpleMash, homework (2Dos) and rewards.

You can start using Parent Portal today by following the 3 simple steps below:-

Step 1: Enter URL on your child’s login card. (Ask your child’s class teacher if you need this

Step 2: Click ‘Register as a parent’.

Step 3: Enter the ‘Parent Code’ on your child’s login card and follow additional instructions.

Login cards can be requested by your child's teacher on ClassDojo.

An overview of the scheme of work for each year group can be viewed by following the links below.