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LGBTQ+ Statement

LGBTQ Millbrook Primary School Statement


In an ever-changing world - where children and young people have the right to be themselves - the children and staff are committed to embedding inclusion and empathy through education. We all make a difference by respecting each other's differences and celebrating diversity in one another, our families and the wider school community. Our goal here at Millbrook Primary School is to reject negative stereotypes, embrace positive role models and appreciate our school family and its incredible diversity. Our vision is to build a community where everyone feels valued, respected and loved - in an environment where everyone can grow and learn.


It’s hard to be different,

To act just like you,

To love your uniqueness,

In whatever you do.

Your hair can be curly,

Or wavy or straight,

Your eyes might be different,

But that makes you great.

Running or writing,

Numbers or art,

Your friends will all love you,

For the size of your heart.

But what makes a good friend?

Someone who cares?

Someone who laughs with you?

Someone who’s there?

Someone who helps you,

When you’ve hurt your knee?

Or someone to catch you,

When you fall from a tree.

A friend sees that you’re special,

And loves all of you,

From singing to dancing,

And you love them too.

It’s hard to be different,

To act just like you,

So love your uniqueness,

Whatever you do!