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Mathematics at Millbrook

At Millbrook Primary School, Maths is taught daily to support students to develop their fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics and to apply these skills to reason and problem solve. In KS1 and KS2, our school follows the National Curriculum Programme of Study, which is implemented using the Herts For Learning Essential Maths planning. In Reception, planning is tailored to adhere to The EYFS framework with teaching and learning also facilitated by Herts for Learning. 

Students also partake in Fluency Friday sessions to provide opportunities for them to re-visit previous learning and thus increase their understanding of key concepts. 

In addition to Maths' lessons, all students from Year 2 upwards have weekly times tables practice to support them in learning the multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 in preparation for the national test at the end of Year 4. Pupils engage in short, regular sessions using Times Tables Rock Stars to improve motivation and embed knowledge. 


Our intent is to ensure that the teaching and learning of Maths at Millbrook is accessible for all children regardless of background or ability, and that all students make progress in this area. To support our vision, the teaching and learning of Maths at Millbrook follows a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. This involves students exploring concrete resources such as counters to develop their understanding of concepts before progressing to creating pictorial representations and abstract methods involving numbers.



Our aim is for all students to increase their Maths fluency and independence as they move through the Key Stages, equipping them with key life skills. We believe that developing fluency in maths is essential so that children can make links between key concepts such as multiplication facts and short division, which in turn will develop their reasoning and problem solving skills. 


Teachers assess students' understanding on a daily basis, ensuring that the planning and delivery of lessons are tailored to the needs within the class. This is further supported by termly diagnostics, which help to identify key areas for development.

Summative assessments take place termly in Years 1 - 6  to facilitate a consistent approach to assessment across the school.

Children in Years 2 and 6 will complete the national SATS papers, and Year 4 students will undertake the national multiplication tables check.