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Millbrook Primary School Assemblies

At Millbrook Primary School we have a number of  different approaches to assemblies. 


Examples of assemblies at Millbrook include:

  • A weekly celebration assembly where pupils’ achievements in the classroom and out (such as in sports teams) are rewarded.
  • An assembly based on materials from a charity or organisation
  • A talk from a visiting speaker or performer, for example a sports personality, musician or author, or a representative of a charity like Childline.
  • A series of assemblies focusing on a school values: truth, kindness, respect, etc.
  • An assembly tied in with a nationwide event or awareness campaign, such as Anti-Bullying Week or World Book Day.
  • Faith-based assemblies where pupils look at a passage from a holy book, often led by a local member of clergy.
  • An assembly based on current affairs, such as climate change or food poverty.
  • Assemblies to address an issue that is affecting pupils, such as bad behaviour at playtimes.
  • A class assembly, where one class each week leads the assembly, usually showing what they’ve been learning, e.g. through showing work, drama, dance and music.
  • Singing assemblies where children learn new songs, perhaps for performing in a school concert.