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Prospective Students

Welcome to Millbrook Primary School!


Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances we have been unable to offer school tours to prospective parents and children. We hope this page and video will go some way towards showing you how our Reception class works. Enjoy!

Reception Classroom Virtual Tour

Reception FAQs

What is the routine on arrival?

Arrival time is usually 8:50am but due to the current circumstances you will be allocated your own time slot to limit congestion on and around school grounds. There is a member of staff at the gate waiting to welcome all of the children and parents on entry. Your child hangs his /her coat up in the cloakroom then goes to participate in their Busy Fingers task of the day.


What equipment will my child need to bring to school?

  • A book bag 

  • A water bottle 

  • A drawstring bag containing their PE kit (in the spring and summer terms)

  • A pair of named wellington boots in a bag to be kept on your child’s peg is a good idea

  • Hat, gloves and scarf (for the winter months)

  • Sun hat / sunscreen / sunglasses (for the summer months)


What is a typical day like in an Early Years class?

The children arrive to a selection of activities often linked to the topic that encourage fine motor development and social skills. During the course of the morning, the children participate in a range of child initiated and adult led activities. They also have specialist lessons, such as PE. Maths and literacy lessons also take place daily. Topic and creative activities usually take place in the afternoons. A fresh fruit mid-morning snack and a child friendly lunch are provided.


What links are there between school and parents?

Parents have the opportunity each day to talk to the class teacher either in the morning or in the afternoon. We are very happy for parents to contact us to make a longer appointment if they need a more detailed conversation about their child's learning or needs. 

We have at least one formal communication with home each term, which takes the form of a parents’ meeting. There are also regular newsletters and the website is always updated with information and news. We have a text messaging service and we email letters and news home.  We also tweet our news!

Usually, we offer termly stay-and-play mornings where parents are invited to spend a morning in class with their child. These are usually topic based and allow you to get a deeper understanding of how your child learns in Reception. 

We also use Tapestry to compile a learning journal for each child. Parents are encouraged to view and contribute to this. Occasionally, there will be tasks set on Tapestry for your child to complete at home.


Can my child bring toys into school?

We know your child may want to bring a toy in from home however, to prevent things getting lost or broken in school, it is better for these to stay at home where they are safe. If your child wants to bring something in to show the class - a special artifact, photograph, project etc - we are always happy for this to happen but please pass directly to the teacher so that they can be stored safely until the right time.


What should I do if my child is ill?

Please telephone the school office as soon as you can. Our voicemail service runs 24/7 so if you cannot speak to anyone directly then please leave a message. Please note that following a case of diarrhea or sickness your child is not permitted to return to school until they are clear of symptoms for 48 hours.


What if my child needs medicine during the school day?

We do not accept medicines at the classroom door. You will need to fill in a form which is available at the school office - please walk round and someone will be happy to help. We are only able to administer current medicines prescribed by a doctor and clearly labelled with your child’s name.

If your child needs an inhaler, please provide one that can be kept in school. 


What if I need to collect my child early for an appointment / we are late coming in to school one morning?

Please inform the office if you need to collect your child from school early for an appointment - wherever possible we ask to see an appointment card / letter. On the day of the appointment please go to the office and someone will collect your child for you.

If you are late for school one morning you will need to come to the school office - rather than your usual gate - as your child will need to be marked as present on the register. They will then be taken to class by the office staff.


What is ‘Child initiated learning’?

Children in the Early Years spend time independently choosing their own learning. They ‘choose’ the area in which they would like to explore. The adults then facilitate and/or extend the learning taking place. Sometimes the ‘choosing’ play will be play in which the children are exploring feelings such as empathy; sometimes they may act out scenarios in a safe environment; they may negotiate and form friendships; or develop understanding about how to share and compromise. These are just some examples of how ‘choosing’ develops important skills for lifelong learning.


How is reading/writing/maths taught?

In Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and tailor our teaching to supporting the individual needs of each pupil. Teachers read one-to-one with every child, every week. We also teach phonics daily following the DfE Letters & Sounds guidance. We offer a reading workshop for parents to attend at the start of each year to enable parents to support their children with reading and writing at home and supplement this with our half-termly workshops. We teach mastery maths in both whole class and small group lessons. After all of our short inputs for writing / maths we have lots of activities, both inside and out, for the children to practise their new skills in different contexts and work with the adults in the spaces to extend and embed their learning even further.


Where will my child have dinner (and what will they have)?

Your child will usually eat their dinner in the main dining hall however at the moment they will eat in the classroom. The Early Years children eat at a slightly earlier time than the older children in school. They will be supported by a member of the Early Years team but will also be encouraged to build their independence. If they are having a school dinner they will choose from 4 options in the morning these include; meat option, vegetarian option, sandwich option and jacket potato option. The menu runs on a 3 week cycle and your child's class teacher will happily give you a copy of this so that you can see what your child has had to eat / help them to choose.


Who will be working with my child?

Miss Strawbridge is the Reception teacher at Millbrook and Mrs Gorrie is the Reception TA.


Will I ever be able to come into school?

Usually yes - we usually have stay-and-play mornings where you can come in and work alongside your child. Activities include story-telling, crafts, baking and maths - they also give you a chance to look at your child's learning books.  We also offer workshops that cover a range of information e.g. how to support your child with phonics at home. We aim to design workshops that will be most beneficial in supporting children's learning, therefore we encourage parents' to put forward their suggestions.


What sort of things will my child be doing at school?

The school day usually starts at 8:50 and finishes at 3:15 Monday to Friday. Under the current circumstances start and finish times are staggered. Please stick to your allocated slot. During the school day children will have a phonics lesson with a member of the Early Years team, complete some small group maths/writing activities, have an opportunity to play outside and also be given plenty of time to explore the indoor areas of learning.


Will my child go outside?

Your child will be able to go outside whatever the weather. We ask parents to make sure that children are sent with suitable clothing to allow this to happen. As well as playtimes outside children will go outside for small group activities and also for child initiated learning time.


Will my child go on school trips?

Yes! We love school trips in Early Years. These range from visits to local shops to trips to the farm or we might even go on a Gruffalo hunt! Wherever we go we ensure that your child’s safety is our top priority. If you would like to be a parent volunteer for one of our trips we would really appreciate the support! Just talk to the class teacher once you have been notified of a school trip arrangement.


Can my child go to an after school club?

A range of after school clubs are on offer and children will be given an opportunity to choose one at the start of the year. We also offer an after school club to support with childcare needs.


When are the school holidays?

Please check the relevant section on the school website or speak to your class teacher and they can get you a copy of the calendar.


What is expected of me as a parent?

We encourage parents to take an active role in the child’s school life. This will include; reading at home, attending parent workshops (where possible), attending parents evening, keeping school up to date with any changes in circumstance and most importantly making sure your child is prepared for the school day e.g. having a good sleep, eating a healthy breakfast. If you find you need any help, or even just someone to talk to at any time, please remember to speak to your child's teacher who can put you in contact with our Learning Mentor or CHEXS. We are always available to support and can help with all kinds of things (or at least find someone who can help if we can’t!).


Do you have a breakfast club?

We offer a breakfast club for all children in school. Children will have a chance to have a healthy breakfast and play games with new friends. Please ask at the school office for more details.


Do the children need to bring a snack to school?

All children will be provided with free daily fruit and milk while in reception. Every child will need to bring a water bottle everyday so they have access to water throughout the day. There is no need for them to bring any other snacks into school.


How is additional support provided for both those with additional needs and those who show ability?

We have a very good relationship with both our parents and children in the Early Years so any concerns arise, we will ask to have a meeting to chat about supporting your child's needs. We also have a great SENCO and team who help each other and work together in order to provide the best provision for your child.

Within class, teachers and staff are constantly adapting and differentiating how we work to suit the needs of all of our children. In EYFS, we work on the 7 areas of learning and whilst we wouldn’t stall or discourage a child if they loved or showed a great affinity for maths, we would also help them work on the areas they find trickier to give them a broad and balanced base to spring from as they continue through the school. In Reception, we know children learn in a variety of ways and this is reflected in the way we plan. We also work from the child’s interests adapting and adding ideas to teach them skills or new knowledge to add onto their existing experiences.