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Reception Summer Home Learning

We have put some suggestions together to help prepare your child for Year 1 and to keep them busy over the summer holidays. We are very aware that as the holidays are such a long period, the children can forget parts of what they have been taught and we hope this pack will help to refresh their memory and give them a head start for next year.


Suggestions for summer activities:

• Go to the library and look at a selection of non-fiction and fiction books. Many libraries run summer holiday reading schemes which are great fun and the children will really enjoy.

• Take an old notebook and help your child to create a summer journal of what they get up to over the holidays, remembering to write in sentences using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Some children may be able to use time words and link sentences using ‘and’ or ‘because’. Please encourage the children to use their sounds and sound out words they’re not sure of.

• Practice counting to 100 and counting in twos, fives and tens. This is very important as it helps to prepare your child for times tables in Year 1.

• Go shopping and pay for things themselves. Children could add small prices together and find the change by taking away. Remember to count on to add and count back to take away.

• Reading as much as possible: signs, labels, menus, leaflets.

• Encourage your child to say please and thank you and use good manners.

• Encourage your child to remember and be responsible for their own belongings – what do they need for the day?

• Do some cooking and baking activities weighing out different ingredients, mixing and stirring ingredients.

• Play ball games in the park or in your garden.

• Visit family and friends and encourage good speaking and listening, as well as sharing.

• Identify numbers on number plates, house numbers, road signs etc. what is the biggest number? What number comes next? What number is before?

• Keep a simple weather diary. Count how many sunny/ rainy days and compare.


It is probably better for your child to work in short regular sessions rather than 1 long session. Please encourage your child to do as much as possible themselves, with you supplying encouragement and just enough support to allow the all-important feeling of success and achievement.


Please note that this home learning is completely voluntary, but we believe they will be enjoyable and worthwhile activities for your child. It will ensure that they return in September with improved skills and a record of their holiday to be proud of.


Letters & Sounds

Can your child say and write these sounds?

qu ch sh th ng ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi ear air ure er

Can your child read these word by sight and spell them independently?

no go I the to he she we me be was you my they her all are said so do have like some come were there little one when out what  



If you’re interested, there are a range of educational books available from supermarkets/ W H Smith and online which can also offer help and activities. Please ensure they are age appropriate. CPG have recently released work books for Reception:


Bug Club

Please don’t forget about Bug Club. Children continue to use it throughout the school and we have updated your child’s reading list for the summer.



There are also lots of useful websites available. Here are some of our favourites:


It would be also be a great idea to help your child to use the computer with independence. We recommend using the tools on Paint to help build up their mouse control, and also typing on Word to support their letter recognition and word building skills.


We hope you have a wonderful summer!