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School Council Meeting – Thursday 17th September 2015

Millbrook School Council held their first meeting Thursday 17th September.
A school council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils to improve their school.

millbrook school council mtg

Millbrook School Councillors 2015/2016


  • Year 1 – Anna Avdejeva /Malachi Barthelmy
  • Year 2 – Sienna Layton / Dylan Abrams
  • Year 3 –  Isabella Antwi / James Hajdu
  • Year 4 – Emma Cooper / Josiah Smith
  • Year 5 – Emilia Obarowska / Dylan Aziz
  • Year 6 – Sabina Derezinska / Lennie Watts


    During their first meeting they shared ideas of what they would like to introduce to improve the school.

    Here are some of the ideas they had:

  • School Clubs– Girls/Boys Football,  Art Club, Music Club, Newspaper Club. Homework Club.
  • Fund Raising – Jumpathon, Charity for sick people/animals
  • Health and Fitness – Healthy Eating Tuck Shop
They will work on their ideas and present them to Mrs Bamlett at their next meeting on Thursday 1st October.

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  1. Penny Marcos September 22, 2015

    Good work kids. Great ideas. Let me know if the Friends of Millbrook can help you.


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