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Time to test your research skills - like true scientists!


Click the link to watch video lessons, try new activities and test your knowledge with quizzes!


Step 1: Click the link above.

Step 2: Go to Science - Fossils and Animals Over Time or Physical and Chemical Changes.

Step 3: Start with Lesson 1, then continue from there each week.

Step 4: Show us what you have learned and enjoy!




The Living World:

Find out about how living organisms grow and survive all around us!

What do plants and animals have in common? How are they different?

What are the different animal classifications?

What category of animal do humans belong to?

How does a life cycle carry on?

How do different species evolve?


Start finding out here:






We had previously been looking at a range of different forces, but there are still many more to uncover! We have set you the challenge to find out what you can learn and understand from the links below, to create a presentation, report or poster on these forces! Why not take it further and conduct an experiment at home?