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Sports Ambassador and Health Champion Conference – 13/10/16

Sports Ambassadors: Kenneth Y5 and Isa Y6
Health Champions:  Dmithry Y5 and Louie Y6

On Thursday Haileybury Turnford hosted the A10 Active Sports Ambassadors and Health Champion Conference, selected pupils from St Catherines, St Cross, Four Swannes, Broxbourne, Millbrook, Downfields took part in this event. Pupils were given the opportunity to discuss and develop their leadership skills and to look at the health and well-being of pupils within primary schools.

During the day pupils were told about the national picture of the health and well-being of young people.  They discussed ways they could encourage more pupils at their school to have an active lifestyle and how they use physical activity to combat stress and anxiety.  They were encouraged to work with pupils from different schools and they also looked how from their training today they could have an impact on participation in physical activities at their school.

The afternoon session began with looking at healthy eating.  The children had the opportunity to make smoothies using a ‘smoothie bike’ the harder the pedalled the less lumpy their smoothie would be!  This was followed by a creative session which involved the children been given a Change 4 Life bag of equipment and for them to create an activity from the bag which was fully inclusive.  The pupils enjoyed this immensely and were very creative.

The day ended with them making an action plan to go back to their school to encourage an increase participation in physical activity.

Pupils were asked to feedback with one word to describe their day, some of the words were;

Fantastic! Fun! Encouraging! Inspiring! Exquisite! Amazing! Fabulous!


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