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Stars of the week w.e 4th March 2016.

There is no newsletter this week.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated World Book Day yesterday.  Please see photos of the day on the Blog.



star of the week

Stars of the Week

Every week someone from each class is given a special Star of the Week award to recognise the hard work and dedication they have displayed.

Stars of the week for week ending 4th March 2016

Meghan Smith
Kudzai Mawele

Hakim Ali
Kai Brown

Year 1
Carolina Jesus
Rishaan Khanna

Year 2
Elise Langdell
Destiny Wiseman

Year 3
Alisha Madaka
Marco Meli

Year 4
Jake Cooney
Evie Lacey

Year 5
Michael Auyeh
Dylan Aziz

Year 6
Olivia Racher
Kinga Kozlowska

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