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Thursday 1st December, Year 1 trip to Victorian Christmas at Gunpowder Mills.

On Thursday 1st December, Year 1 went to Gunpowder Mills to learn about a Victorian Christmas. The children took part in workshops where they learnt about:

  • Decorations – the children also made a tree decoration
  • Toys – they took part in playing some of the traditional games like ‘Flap the Fish’ and ‘Hunt the Thimble.’
  • Christmas cards – the children learnt about how Christmas cards were sent and made a card using the technique of screen printing.
  • Food – The children learnt about what Queen Victoria would have eaten for Christmas Day and they took part in some Nursery Rhymes.

Here are a few highlights from the children:

‘I liked making the cards.’ (Keith)

‘I liked it when we made the angels and the soldiers’ (Louise)

‘I enjoyed learning about what the Queen liked to eat.’ (Olivia)

‘I liked printing my card.’ (Unik)

‘I liked the part when I used my hat for a penny.’ (Henry)


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