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Watch Lesson 4: "Subtract Fractions"

(watch again if you're not feeling sure)

Then tackle to worksheet below yes


Lesson 4: "To Revise Apostrophes for Contraction and Singular Possession"

Now you're an apostrophe pro! wink  

You must:

  • Write two sentences which include an apostrophe for contraction.
  • Write two sentences which have an apostrophe for singular possession. 

Then complete the two worksheets below! enlightened


Listen to the three stories: 

Then answer these questions:

Story 1 – Emma’s Story

  • What was the girl from the blue team doing that upset Emma?
  • Do you think this is bullying?

Story 2 – Josh’s story

  • What was different about this story? How did Josh and Jess communicate?
  • Do you think this is bullying? 
  • How does the use of technology (email) make this different to the other video?
  • What did Sam do? Was this helpful?

Story 3 – Yasmin’s story

  • Is this different from the name-calling that Emma experienced in the first story?
  • Is this an example of bullying? why/why not?


Next- complete the worksheet below using a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences between bullying and cyberbullying. 

To help you complete it you might want to think about:

  • Where the bullying is happening
  • Who might be doing the bullying
  • How they might be communicating (videos, texts, emails, in person)
  • How many people might be involved
  • Can you always know who you are speaking to online?