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Tuesday 20th October


Tell your child that you are going to do some actions and you want them to tell you if you did 3. Do things like 2 jumps, 3 claps, 7 pats on your head, 3 clicks, 1 wave. Then, ask the your child to do different actions 3 times – can you do 3 claps? Can you do 3 jumps? Can you do 3 taps on your head? Can you do 3 hops? Can you do 3 star jumps?



Ask your child if they can remember what shape we were learning about yesterday – a triangle. Can anyone remember how many sides a triangle has? 3


Look at different types of triangles below together

Tell the children that all of these shapes are triangles, even if they look a little bit different. Use a pen and paper to draw a triangle counting the sides – 1,2,3. Tell the children that all shapes with 3 sides are triangles. Tell the children that if we want to make a triangle we need 3 sides.


Show 3 straws (or anything else similar that you have at home) all of the same length and count them with the children. Tell them that you are going to use these to make a triangle. Model how you can lay them on the floor in a triangle shape. Show 3 more straws that are all different lengths – model how you can make these into a triangle. Explain that it is still a triangle because it has 3 sides. Finally show 2 long and 1 short straws and model how you can make this into a triangle. Leave the 3 triangles on display and give your child their own straws (some all the same length, some different lengths) ask them to make a triangle and then check. Ask ‘How do you know it is a triangle?’ Because it has 3 sides.


Play challenges:

Outside: Challenge your child to find 3 sticks and make a triangle. How do you know it is a triangle?

Inside: Find other objects that you can make triangles with e.g. pens, pencils, charger cables, crayons etc.

           Use the internet together to find a song about triangles - send it to Miss Strawbridge on Tapestry or