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Vision and Values


Millbrook Primary School is at an exciting time in its 112 year history.


A newly formed Senior Leadership Team with a new Headteacher (April 2019) .

We have a clear vision and strategic direction. Under Millbrook's leadership, the school has embarked on a fresh direction as we raise aspirations and achievement for our children and families.


Our motto 'Believe and Achieve' is for everyone, as we hold lifelong learning at the heart of all we do.   

In order to achieve our vision we have adopted a set of core values around which school development is planned. These are that everyone has the right and the responsibility to be:

•    Inspired and inspire others
•    Respected and respect everyone
•    Successful and help others to succeed
•    Resilient and help others to develop resilience
•    Heard and cared for


Visits to our school are always welcome.



British Values


Promoting British Values at Millbrook Primary School

The development of British values underpins everything we do at Millbrook Primary School.

They are promoted through assemblies, displays, class work, within the curriculum  and within everyday life.



Democracy forms an important part of life at Millbrook Primary School.

We have an active School Council who meet regularly to discuss issues in the school. We are in a privileged position that our school building is used as a polling station for elections, giving children the opportunity to gain some understanding of how voting works. We hold consultation meetings which work with the school and wider community. In addition, we have a newsletter to communicate with our families and a website with access to school policies.


The Rule of Law

As part of our teaching of our Discovery Curriculum, we learn about British and international History, and how some countries are run. We learn about rules in sport/games as part of our PE lessons and have visits from the police and fire brigade to learn about rules in our community. In addition, at the start of each academic year all classes from years 1 -6 complete a British unit which covers the rule of law as well as how our democratic system works.

We have a statement of values and systems and a clear policy for and behaviour, sanctions and rewards.


Individual Liberty

Millbrook Primary School ensures every individual achieves their best through high expectations for all, which focus on confidence, creativity and care. Through our teaching of PSHE/Citizenship and we develop an understanding human and children’s rights and responsibilities.


Mutual Respect

This is an integral aspect of life at Millbrook Primary School. We expect our learners to be respectful, confident and positive individuals. We encourage every child to care about, and have respect for, their learning, each other and our environment. By being socially and emotionally intelligent, understanding about themselves and each other, our children will make the right choices and experience positive relationships now and in the future.

Our phase assembly Collective Worship follows themes, that include care, citizenship, charity, pupil voice, celebration, festivals, safety (including e-safety) and personal development (PSHE).


Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Not only do we demonstrate tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs, we positively embrace and celebrate them. In our multi-cultural school the children are encouraged to share information about their religion and background, leading to an informed, tolerant environment where the children celebrate each other’s differences.

When religious festivals occur children are invited to speak in classes and assemblies about what they have experienced.  This is reinforced within our RE lessons where pupils, parents, visitors and staff members have supported the children’s educational development.