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Watch Lesson 3: 'Add mixed numbers'

(watch again if you're not feeling sure) Then move onto the worksheet below! smiley


What can you remember about apostrophes? Time to recap and focus on those for singular possession.

Watch the video lesson:

Your next step is to complete the worksheet below! Then write your own short paragraph where you can use singular possessive apostrophes. (Try writing about your favourite superhero). wink


What do you call a vegetarian Viking?                         ... a Norvegan!

(You're welcome wink) The Vikings are famous for their ferocity, bravery, religion and their longships! These vessels allowed them to travel across perilous oceans and to sneak upriver to surprise their enemies! Today you must watch the video lesson below and draw your very own Viking longship!

(You can add your own details to the ship's sail, shields and passengers).