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To improve our persuasive writing we are going to learn some scientific language often used to describe healthy food.


Write a food plan for one day. Your plan should include a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one snack.

Here is an example:


Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on wholemeal toast.


An orange


Grilled chicken served with a green salad, feta cheese, tomatoes and cucumber.


Vegetable lasagna served with broccoli


Write a paragraph explaining why your food plan is so healthy. Does it contain a lot of protein, fibre, or calcium? Who should eat it? Why? Will it be filling?




Watch lesson 3: 'Multiply unit fractions by an integer'

(Watch again if you're not feeling sure.) One you're ready, tackle today's worksheet!


Religious Education:

A well-known practice within Buddhism is meditation. But do we really know why Buddhists meditate? In this lesson we will be taking time to understand the answer to this question. Take notes while you watch the video lesson in the link below:

Once you have practiced meditating yourself, your next task is to create a detailed meditation guide. This needs to have a set of clear instructions that will teach the reader how to prepare themselves for a session of meditation; where to meditate; how to position their body; how to control their breathing; what to do with their minds and any other suggestions (like playing calming music or turning off their phone).

We would love to see diagrams as well. smiley