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Week 1 - 19th-23rd October 2020


Please upload your child's home learning to Tapestry. We would love to see your pictures and read a short description about how your child found the activities. If you need any support to adapt the activities to your child's needs then please email


Daily activities:

- Read a book on BugClub and record comments in your child's reading diary.

- Read a different book or watch a story book being read on ‘CBeebies Bedtime Stories’ on BBC iPlayer. Talk to your grown up about what happened in the story.

- Count up to 20 objects. It can be anything you can find in your house.

- Practise recognising your numbers to 10. You can choose how to do this, you might play bingo, ask your grown up to hide some numbers, spot them on a walk, make some number cards, the possibilities are endless!

- English lessons can be found on the Oak Academy website Please begin with The Noisy House lesson set and continue through the progression.


Other activities:

- Practise your PE skills. This could be balancing, going to the park, throwing and catching a ball, dancing, Cosmic Yoga, Go Noodle.

- Do some baking or cooking with your grown up.

- Practise finding 1 more or representing numbers with your toys. You have practised lots of different ways of doing this whilst at school so can you find 3 cars or dolls? how many will you have if you add 1 more?

- Help your grown up to do three jobs in the house.

- Build a boat for a toy and test it in the bath/sink. Does it float and keep your teddy bear dry?

- Ask your grown up if they have any money you can play with. Set up your own shop and ask your grown ups/brothers/sisters to come and buy things. Can you check that they are giving you the right amount of money? Swap jobs and get them to check your money too!

- Draw a map of a walk that you have been on. Look out for key buildings on your walk, such as, a church, shop, post office, friends house.

- Use playdough to make different snakes. Can you measure them? We hope these activities will keep you busy and learning until we see you.

- Access our PSHE resources and work through them with your child