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Week 1 - 23rd March

Reception Home Learning Challenges for Monday 23rd March

Challenge 1 is to retell your favourite story. You can do this by acting it out and adding a video to Tapestry, writing the story or by drawing a picture and telling your Grown-up all about it.

Challenge 2 is to build a den and send a picture of you inside it! What materials will you use? How will you make sure it stays up?

Reception Home Learning Challenges for Tuesday 24th March

Challenge 1 is to do some active counting. Can you count to 20 and back whilst hopping, jumping and doing toe touches?
Extension: try counting in 2s or 5s!

Challenge 2 is to write a funny caption or a story about the picture on our website. Please send your writing to us!

Picture for caption or story

Reception Home Learning Challenges for Wednesday 25th March 2020

Challenge 1: Help your grown up to make lunch for you and your family. Then write a list of the ingredients you used.

Challenge 2: Do something kind for others. Just like when we sent our spring pictures and cards to the old people’s home last week. Maybe a member of your family would love a little card, note, picture or song to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Reception Home Learning for Thursday 26th March 2020

What a beautiful day it is today. Please observe the weather then draw a picture and write a sentence about it for challenge 1.

Challenge 2 is to set the table for you and your family. This is a subitising challenge, that mean knowing ‘how many’ without needing to count! How many plates, knifes, forks and cups might you need? What else do you need to set the table?

Reception Home Learning Challenges for Friday 27th March 2020

Today Milly the bear is feeling really happy because the sun is out again, she had a lovely sleepover at Miss Strawbridge’s house, and ate a yummy breakfast!
Challenge 1 is to write down 3 things that made you really happy today.

Challenge 2 is to have a go at following a video from Cosmic Kids Yoga here on YouTube. Choose one you’re interested in and enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend and come back to our channel on Monday for another week of Home Learning challenges!