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Week 12 - 8th June

Monday 8th June

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! It was lovely to see some of you back in school this week and I can’t wait to see you all when it's safe. Parents, please make sure you have a look at our phased return to school documents so that you are able to make informed decisions based on the procedures we have put in place. I hope you are all keeping safe and well, and enjoy this week’s challenges!

This week the children in school decided they would like to learn about minibeasts with a focus on bees, so our home learning will be based on this topic too.


Challenge One 

Read the bumble bee facts with your grown up then try to find the words in the word search!


Challenge Two

Enjoy some dancing fun over on GoNoodle! They have lots of free activities to get the whole family moving, including Zumba Kids, Brainercise and lots more!


Tuesday 9th June

Good morning everyone,


Challenge One

Enjoy the story of The Very Greedy Bee on YouTube here:

After reading The Very Greedy Bee with your little ones, you can talk about friendship, team work, greed, and helping others.  What did the very greedy bee learn in the story? 

Then write down lots of words that rhyme with bee! You could even work together with your grown up to turn your list into a story or poem.


Challenge Two

Can you make a bee craft? Using different materials from around your house you could choose to make a bee collage, paint a bee picture or make a house for a bee.

I’d love to see your lovely creations on Tapestry!


Wednesday 10th June

Good Morning,


Challenge One

So many of you loved playing Higher or Lower last week! This week I would love for you to play again but with numbers 0-20. If your child is not yet confident with numbers to 20, try going up to 15 until they are able to name each number and understand what it is bigger or smaller than.


How to play:

You can use the Ace to 10 cards from a deck of cards, write numbers or draw pictorial amounts onto pieces of paper. Please ensure you remove the Jack, Queen and King cards and explain that the Ace just means 1. Shuffle the cards and lay them in a line face down. Turn the first over and ask your child what number it is. Discuss how you might decide if the next card will be bigger than or smaller than, what number it might be if it is higher/lower. Play a few times and then add a picture to Tapestry, please comment on how your child worked out if the next card would be higher or lower, and if this skill developed to be more accurate over time.


Challenge Two

Find or write a song about bees. You could also find songs to sing about your favourite mini beasts!


There are more bee related activities here:


Thursday 11th June

Good morning everyone! 


Challenge One

Read or listen to What the Ladybird Heard story:

Look at the adjectives (describing words) that are used to describe each animal. How many other adjectives can you think of to describe them? Can you make an animal or insect poster and write adjectives to describe your chosen creature?


Challenge Two

Take part in the Oak National Academy lesson on doubling:

Then, work together to make double snacks for you and your child. Discuss exactly what you will need and talk about the total number of each item you now have!


Friday 12th June

Good morning everyone,


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s activities! I hope you have a lovely weekend, and are ready for lots more learning next week.


Challenge One

Recap what you learnt about doubling yesterday! Then complete the ladybird doubling worksheet. If you are unable to print it off, you can help your child to draw the ladybirds in their book or use objects to show their understanding of doubling.

Challenge Two

Choose an activity from this list:

- Use a paint program on the computer to design a new rosette for the prize cow.

- Create a simple model of the farm using playdough.

- Design a security system to keep the fine prize cow safe from the two men in the big black van.