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Week 13 - 15th June

Monday 15th June

Good morning everyone,


I hope you all had a lovely weekend! This week the children in school decided they would like to learn about pirates, so our home learning will be based on this topic too.

Challenge One  

Enjoy the story of The Pirates Next Door on YouTube:

After reading the story, have a go at answering the questions on the video and talk about what treasures the pirates may have left under the crosses in each garden. Have a go at writing a list of treasures that you might give to your friend.


Challenge Two

Enjoy some dancing fun over on GoNoodle! They have lots of free activities to get the whole family moving, including Zumba Kids, Brainercise and lots more!

You might also want to dance to one of our favourite Just Dance songs about pirates over on YouTube:


Tuesday 16th June

Good morning everyone,


Challenge One

Today I would like you to think of people in your family that you treasure and consider why others treasure might treasure you. (the learning aim here is for the children to be able to talk about themselves and others in positive terms and be able to describe their abilities.

Challenge Two


Can you make a pirate craft? Using different materials from around your house you could choose to make a pirate collage, treasure chest or an eye patch.

I’d love to see your lovely creations on Tapestry!


Wednesday 17th June

Good Morning,


Challenge One

Hide something you treasure somewhere around your house and make a treasure map. Don’t forget, X marks the spot! Give the map to your grown up to see if they can find your treasure. You might have to write some clues for them to follow!


Challenge Two

Investigate floating and sinking with lots of different objects.

- Ask questions such as: 'What does the word float mean?' 'What do we mean when we say something sinks?

- Find out more about the child's experiences and ideas about floating and sinking by asking: 'What objects can you think of that sink to the bottom of the water tray?' 'What objects stay afloat?'

- Together, look at the range of different objects. Encourage the children to handle the objects in turn and to predict whether they think the objects will float or sink. Ask questions such as: 'What is it made of?' 'Will it float or will it sink?' Can you think why?' 'Do you think bigger things always sink?'

- Help the children to test each of the objects in turn to see if they float or sink. Ask questions such as: 'Was your guess (prediction) right?' 'Do some objects always float?'

- You can record the results of the children's investigation either by drawing the objects on two charts labelled 'objects that sink' and 'objects that float', or simply by placing the objects in separate trays.


Thursday 18th June

Good morning everyone!


Challenge One

Enjoy the Oak Academy lesson on sharing between equal groups. Find some treasure or objects around your house and think about how you might share them equally between two pirates.


Challenge Two

Play the buried treasure game on Phonics Play!

Make sure you use the Phase 3 sounds to segment and blend please.


Friday 19th June

Good morning everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s activities! I hope you have a lovely weekend, and are ready for lots more learning next week.

Today, Miss Strawbridge will be posting a special story and challenges for you to do! make sure you come back on Fridaylaugh


Miss Strawbridge reads Mixed by Arree Chung

We hope you enjoy the story!

Read the story and try out some of the activities included!:-)