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Week 3 - 6th April

Reception Home Learning for Monday 6th April 2020

Good morning everybody!

I hope you had a great weekend and stayed safe indoors.

Your first challenge today is to draw or print a picture of a flower then label it. Try to do this independently by writing the sounds you can hear (it doesn’t matter if the words aren’t spelt perfectly). I would like you to include the stem, petals, leaves, flower and roots.

Your second challenge is to play a game where you have to take turns. You could play with a grownup or sibling. Can you wait patiently for your turn?

Have a lovely day!

Reception Home Learning for Tuesday 7th April 2020

Hello everybody!

Look, Miss Strawbridge’s seeds have started to grow! Can you plant some seeds or take care of a plant today? Do you know what plants need to grow big and strong?

Challenge 2 is to help develop focus and attention and to help the children notice small details. We would like them to have a look closely in the mirror to notice the features of their face. Then compare what they could see with a grownup’s. Can you spot the similarities and differences?

See you tomorrow!

Reception Home Learning for Wednesday 8th April 2020

Good morning everyone!

Today’s challenge is to help your grownup to write their shopping list. Can you sound out the word using your phonics knowledge and remember what a list looks like?

Challenge 2 is to go on a 3D shape hunt around your house. Can you find and cylinders, cubes, cones or spheres?

See you tomorrow!

Reception Home Learning for Thursday 9th April 2020

Good morning!

Today is our last video until Tuesday 14th April.
We would like you to learn all about capacity. Can you fill up a bath, sink or now I’ll with water then explore different containers by filling, pouring and comparing them? Use the vocabulary of full, nearly full, half full/empty, nearly empty and empty. Which container is the most full? Which container is the least full?
Extension: use a spoon to fill up containers, can you count how many spoonfuls it takes? Which container needed the most spoonfuls?

Then enjoy another Cosmic Kids yoga video on YouTube!

Have a lovely Easter weekend🐰🥚🐣☀️