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Week 4 (January 25th)


English: 'To generate and develop vocabulary'


Maths: 'What is a fraction'

(Worksheets below)


Science: 'Friction'

  1. Log into TigTag
  2. Find lessons
  3. Topics ► Physical Processes
  4. Force and Motion ► Friction
  5. Play 'What is friction?'
  6. Answer these questions:
  • What is friction?
  • Can you think of a situation where friction occurs?
  • How can friction be useful or dangerous? Draw and label a diagram to explain this.


Username: B_Year_5

Password: Science5


English: 'To investigate suffixes: -ial' 


Maths: 'Equivalent fractions (1)'

(Worksheets below)


Geography: 'Rivers'

  1. Log into TigTag
  2. Find lessons
  3. Topics ► People and Places
  4. Physical Geography ► Rivers
  5. Play 'Journey of a river' and 'River processes'
  6. Answer these questions:
  • What is the longest river in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America?
  • What causes a river to flow downhill?
  • What are the names for each part of a river? Draw a labelled diagram.


Username: B_Year_5

Password: Science5


English: 'To explore expanded noun phrases'


Maths: 'Equivalent fractions'

(Worksheets below)


Art: 'Still Life'

Research just one of these well-known artists:

- Paul Cézanne

- Clara Peeters

- Vincent Van Gogh

Use your research to create an awesome fact file/poster all about the artist.

Try your hand at a still life drawing:



English: 'To write a free verse poem'


Maths: 'Fractions greater than 1'

(Worksheets below)


Religious Education (RE): 'Buddhism - Who was Siddartha Gautama'




Celebration Assembly at 11am (find link on Y5 web page) 


English: 'To generate and develop vocabulary Pt.2' 


Maths: 'Improper fractions to mixed numbers'

(Worksheets below)


PSHE: 'Our World - H20'