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Week 4 - 13th April

Reception Home Learning for Tuesday 14th April 2020

Good morning!

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and ate lots of chocolate left by the Easter bunny!🐰

Today I would like you to write all about the things you did at the weekend. Did you have an egg hunt? Did you play games with your family? Did you eat an Easter egg?
Draw a picture and write sentences in your Home Learning book.

Then I would like you to practice your throwing and catching skills. Remember what Mr. Davies taught us in PE! Try to start off with a large ball or object, and then try smaller ones for more of a challenge!

See you tomorrow!

Reception Home Learning for Wednesday 15th April 2020

Good morning!

Today I would love you to have a go at baking something. Can you use the internet or books to find a recipe? Can you look for the ingredients then practice weighing and measuring accurately? Have a go at reading some of the instructions!

Then create repeating patterns with objects. Start off with 2 items eg. Knife and fork and try to repeat the pattern. Then add in a third or fourth object!

See you tomorrow!

Reception Home Learning for Thursday 16th April 2020

Hello everyone!

Today we would love to see a craft all about Spring. Think about the signs of spring you have observed and how you could represent them in a craft. Maybe you could draw or make a collage using any resources you have at home!

Challenge 2 is to practice writing some Phase 3 tricky words. You could also write them in a sentence!

Have fun😀

Reception Home Learning for Friday 17th April 2020

Good morning!

Reception’s challenge of the day is to continue practicing the phase 3 tricky words. You could write the words you, all, I, my, she and was in your book or you could get creative with paint, sand, mud or shaving foam.

Then work on your home learning project of building the 3 little pigs a house. If you haven’t yet started you could plan it by drawing your ideas on paper. If you have begun building it you can work on that. And if you’re finished you could think of things that you might do differently next time!

Have a lovely day and I’ll see you again on Monday!