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Week 6 (February 8th)


English: To engage with the text.

This week you will build a plan to help you write your own short story. Using what you have learned from the lesson on the Demon Dentist write a prologue for your own story. Write one or two short paragraphs that tell the reader about the location and time in which the story takes place. 

Think about:

  • The genre of the story
  • The setting of the story 
  • Building suspense and interest


Maths: Lesson 1 - Compare & order fractions greater than 1 (see worksheets below). 


Science: Gravity

  1. Log into TigTag
  2. Find lessons
  3. Topics ► Physical Processes
  4. Force and Motion ► Gravity
  5. Play 'What is gravity?', 'Gravity in our universe' and then 'Mass'
  6. Answer these questions:
  • Explain what gravity is. You can draw diagrams to help you.
  • Can different planets, suns and moons have different levels of gravity? Why is this?
  • How are our planes and rockets able to defy gravity?

Username: B_Year_5

Password: Science5


English: To answer questions on the text (part 1).

Create the main characters of your story (at least two). Write a couple of sentences describing each character. Think very hard about what you will name your characters, pick a name that suits the personality of the character (like Mr. Grey from the Demon Dentist).


Maths: Lesson 2 - Add and subtract fractions (see worksheets below). 


Geography: Coasts

  1. Log into TigTag
  2. Find lessons
  3. Topics ► People and Places
  4. Physical geography ► Coasts
  5. Play 'What shapes the coast?'
  6. Answer these questions:
  • What is the name of the process that wears away the coastline?
  • How are waves created?
  • What are some of the positive and negative sides to coastal tourism?

Username: B_Year_5

Password: Science5


English: To analyse characters.

Write a short outline of what will happen in your story.

It might help to break this into three parts: an introduction, a middle, and a conclusion.


Maths: Lesson 3 - Add and subtract fractions Part 2 (video activity).

Use a ruler if you choose to draw a bar model. (Optional worksheet below). 


Design & Technology: Cooking a snack!

  • Bake your delicious snack.
  • Come up with a name for it.
  • Make a poster advert to tell us what it's made of and why we should try yours!
  • Eat.



English: To answer questions on the text (part 2).

Use the plan you wrote yesterday to write the beginning of your story. Introduce your characters and set the opening scene. Use descriptive words and writing including adjectives, adverbs, similes, and metaphors.


Maths: Lesson 4 - Add fractions within 1 (see worksheets below). 


Religious Education: Buddhist Festivals

  • What is Buddha Day?
  • When and how is it celebrated?
  • What do you like about this festival? 
  • Does Buddha Day remind you of any other religious festivities?