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Week 6 - 27th April

Reception Home Learning for Monday 27th April 2029

Good morning!

Today I would like you to watch Numberblocks 13, then count to 13 while doing different actions. Miss Strawbridge has 13 stairs in her house. How many do you have? Do you have the same, more or less?

Then I would like you to research your favourite animal using books or the internet and write down at least 3 of your favourite facts!

See you tomorrow😀

Reception Home Learning for Tuesday 28th April 2020


Can you write a letter for a friend or family member you are missing? Then learn about the journey a letter takes to get to its final destination
Maybe you could send your letter too!

Then learn about the importance of washing your hands with a germ experiment:
We did the glitter experiment at school but this will help to consolidate that learning. Do you know why the germs run away from the soap? What else can we do to stay healthy and safe?

Have a lovely day!

Reception Home Learning for Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning!

We hope you enjoyed Mr Hilton’s message for all of our Millbrook families! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can look on our channel or twitter account.
Don’t forget to send the pictures of you completing his challenge to our class email address.

Today’s challenges are to write a caption or story about your favourite picture on the Literacy Shed’s page:
Use your wonderful imagination😀

Then enjoy another Cosmic Kids yoga video!

I can’t wait to see your pictures!

Reception Home Learning for Thursday 30th April 2020

Good morning!

Please help your child to consolidate their Phase 3 sounds by playing games on Phonics Play! You can use march20 and home to allow you access.

Then watch Numberblocks 14, build the number with blocks or construction toys, find out which numbers add together to make 14 and write down anything else you know about it (one more than? One less than? Bigger than ten? Etc.)

Have a lovely day🥳

Reception Home Learning for Friday 1st May 2020

Good morning!

Today we would love you to write notes to your grown up around your house for them to read. You might say “Let’s read a book” Can you help me?” “Is it lunch time?”
They could also write some for you to read and reply.

Then take part in the One Less lesson from the Oak academy!

Let us know how you get on😀