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Week 7 - 4th May

Monday 4th May

On Friday it is VE Day (Victory for Europe Day). We are celebrating this day because 75 years ago the Second World War came to an end. The war was a very sad time because different countries were fighting with each other. The men from this country went to war and fought. The women and children remained at home. This was a time of big change as previously many women had been house wives and were not allowed to do certain jobs. When the men left to fight, women had to complete these jobs. Even the Queen trained to be a mechanic. The cities became a very dangerous place and the children were evacuated to the countryside to keep them safe.

Challenge One

What happened to your family during the Second World War? You could ask your grandparents. Did anyone fight in the war, were they evacuated or did they learn a new job? Can you write a sentence about your family? Remember to use your sound mat and tricky word mat.

Challenge Two

Look at a map of the United Kingdom. Can you find England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales on the map? Create your own Union Jack to wave on Friday. I hope you enjoy learning about your family.

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning, today we will continue with our VE Day activities.

Challenge One

Today we will be listening to songs sung during World War Two. How does the song make you feel? Do you think these songs would have helped the soldiers? Are they happy or sad songs?

Challenge Two

During the war there was not a lot of food. The government introduced rationing. This meant that you could only buy a small amount of food but it also meant that everyone would get food. Today we are going to ration your food at home. Each snack and meal will cost a certain amount of money e.g. breakfast 10p, banana 5p, crisps 10p… but you will only have £1 (100p) to spend all day. When you have used up all your money you will not be able to buy any more food. The aim of this activity is for the children to understand rationing and recognise the value of different coins.

I look forward to seeing your pictures.

Wednesday 6th May

Good Morning,

Challenge One

Look at the attached picture. What can you see? How do they feel? What are they doing? What would you be doing? Write a sentence about the picture. Remember to use your sounds and tricky word.


Challenge Two

To celebrate VE day people created decorations such as bunting to decorate their homes. Can you create some bunting or other decorations for your home to celebrate VE Day? I look forward to seeing your pictures.

Thursday 7th May

Good Morning,

To celebrate VE Day, the whole country had a party. Today we are going to complete activities to prepare for a party.


Challenge One I have attached some war time recipes. If you’re able to, please choose one to make.


Challenge Two Write a list of other food or decorations you will need for your party. There will be no home learning activities set tomorrow but it would be lovely if you could have a tea party to celebrate VE Day. It would be great if you could take some pictures that we could share on the Twitter page.

Thank you



Potato Scones


225g (½lb) mashed potato

225g (½lb) flour

Pinch of salt

2.5ml (½ tsp) baking powder


15ml (1 tbls) oil


 Mix the potato, flour, salt and baking powder together with enough milk

to make a stiff paste

 Roll out about 5mm (¼ in) thick

 Fry the first cake in a little oil, the others will do without

 Butter and serve hot, in a pile

Carrot Buns


225g (8oz) self-raising flour

75g (3oz) margarine or cooking fat

75g (3oz) sugar

4 tablespoons finely grated raw carrot

2 tbls sultanas (optional)

1 egg

Little milk or water


 Preheat the oven to 220ºC (425ºF) Gas Mark 7

 Grease two baking trays

 Sift the flour into a mixing bowl

 Rub in the margarine or cooking fat

 Add the sugar, carrots, sultanas and egg

 Mix well then add enough milk or water to make a sticky consistency

 Put 12 small heaps on the baking trays

 Cook for 12-15 min or until firm and golden in colour

Bread Pudding


 225g (8oz) stale bread

 50g (2 oz) margarine or butter

 25g (1 oz) sugar

 1 tablespoon marmalade

 50g (2oz) dried fruit

 1 egg

 milk to mix

 ground cinnamon


 Pre-heat the oven, Gas 4, 180C, 350F

 Put the bread into a basin, add cold water and leave for 15 minutes

then squeeze dry with your fingers

 Crumble the bread to the basin

 Add all the other ingredients and enough milk to make a sticky


 Add a pinch of cinnamon

 Spoon into a greased tin (20cm, 8") and bake in the centre of the oven

for 1 hour (or steam in a greased basin for 2 hours)

 Remove from the steamer or oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes

 Serve warm or cold

Golden Slices


 stale bread (rather than stale bread, leave a couple of slices out for a

while to dry out)

 equivalent of 2 shell eggs in reconstituted egg (you will probably want to

use real egg

 1 heaped teaspoonful of grated orange or lemon peel

 1 dessertspoonful of orange juice

 margarine (you may want to use cooking oil)


 Cut the pieces of stale or dry bread ½ inch thick

 Beat up the egg mixture in a soup bowl

 Add the grated peel and orange juice

 Soak the stale bread in the mixture

 Fry in a little margarine until golden brown on both sides

 Sprinkle with sugar if you have it

 Serve piping hot