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Week 8 - 11th May

Monday 11th May

Good morning everyone,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to celebrate VE day on Friday! I loved seeing all of your hard work on Tapestry and by email! This week we will be focussing on handwriting. So many of you have been trying so hard with your writing and it is amazing to see your progress. I am very proud of you all J

Challenge One

Handwriting – curly caterpillar letters

Practise writing all the curly caterpillar letters. These are a,c,d,e,f,g,s,q. Remember to sit your letters on the line and that f and g have descenders so the flicks go under the line. It is really important that your children use the correct formation as in Year One they will learn cursive handwriting. There is a link below to a fun video that may help.


Challenge Two

I spy… - Look out of the window or go out in to the garden – what can you see?

Draw a picture of the garden outside your window. Can you label the different things you can see?

Can you write sentences about what you can see? Remember to use your tricky words and sounds.

I hope you enjoy today’s activities.


Tuesday 12th May

Good morning everyone,

Here are today’s challenges.

Challenge One

Number bonds to 10 -Watch the Farmer Pete number bonds to 10 video :

How many different ways of making ten can you find? Write them down as addition sentences

E.g. 2 + 8 = 10          5+5= 10


Challenge Two

Handwriting – One-armed robot letters

Practise writing all of the one-armed robot letters. These are k,h,b,r,n,m,p. All of these letters start at the top, go down and then back up. It is really important that your children use the correct formation as in Year One they will learn cursive handwriting. Here is a link to a fun video that may help. Remember to write on lines.


Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning,

It would be lovely if you can share some photos of you completing today’s challenges.

Challenge One

Handwriting – Ladder letters

Today we are going to practise our ladder letters. These are j,l,i,u,t,y. All of these letters start at the top and go down to the line. Remember that the j and y have descenders so they will go below the line. All the other letters need to sat on the line.


Challenge Two

Bug hunt – Can you look for bugs in your garden or on a walk? What did you find? Choose your favourite bug and research some facts about it. Can you write sentences showing what you discovered? How many tricky words and digraphs can you include in your sentences?

I have come across this number game and thought you may enjoy.

Remember to wash your hands when you come in from the bug hunt J


Thursday 14th May

Good Morning,

Challenge One

Handwriting – Zig-zag monster letters.

Practise writing the zig-zag monster letters. These include z,x,v,w. Remember that these letters have sharp points and we need to write on lines.


Challenge Two

Number hunt – finding missing numbers to make 10 or 20.

Start with 10 items (toys, pencils etc.) and hide them around the house. Give your child 1 minute to find as many as they can.  Look at how many they have. How many more do they need to make 10? 

You may wish to make a 10 frame (10 boxes on a piece of paper) so your child can put the items on they have found. Then they can see how many boxes are full and how many are missing. Repeat with different amounts or objects to practise the concept of making a total, and the challenge of working out missing numbers. Try to write an addition number sentence showing your findings.

Don’t forget to send some pictures


Friday 15th May

Good Morning,

Here are today’s home learning challenges

Challenge One

Dance - Listen to and join in with the BBC time to move dance episodes – Spring in the garden

Can you make up your own spring dance? Maybe you could be chick hatching from an egg? Can you write some instructions or draw pictures so that I can have a go?


Challenge Two

Phonics- sh and ch sorting

Can you hunt around your house for an item containing a ‘ch’ or ‘sh’? If your child struggled with differentiating ‘b’ and ‘d’ you could also play the game with those sounds. Please take a photo and send it to me.

For this next activity you will need two pieces of paper. On one piece of paper write ‘sh’ and the other write ‘ch’, then place these on different sides of the room. Segment the following words, ask your child to blend the sounds and tell you the word. They will then need to run to the sound that is in each word. E.g. you would say sh-i-p, your child will blend and say the word ‘ship’, they will then run to the ‘sh’ piece of paper.

Ship, chick, chop, hush, chin, chop, shoe, cheese, she, sheep

How many of the words can you remember? Write down all the words you can remember.

An extra challenge for the weekend is for you to practise writing all of the curly caterpillar letters but not on paper. You may want to use chalk, salt, flour or write with sticks in mud.

I hope you enjoy today’s activities and have a lovely weekend!