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Week Beginning 8th February

Fancy a challenge? Check out these problem solving and reasoning activites relating our current Maths topic.

Fancy some more activities this week from other areas of the curriculum? Try and complete at least 3.

These are foundation subjects that would be covered during the Spring Term in Year 6.

Design and Technology

The wider world - Captain Sir Tom Moore

Look at the poster image. What do we know about Captain Sir Tom Moore and his achievements? Do we know much about his life before last year? • Watch the Prime Minister’s tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore found in the useful video link below. Can you recall three positive examples that Boris Johnson outlined in the clip? Boris said that Captain Sir Tom Moore was ‘a beacon of hope for the world.’ What do you think he means by this and do you agree?


Web Links Useful video – The Prime Minister’s tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore






We will continue as a class to use your own planned 10 minute workouts that you have submitted on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Half Term Drama Topic


Watch the website clip below for some inspiration on writing your own script.