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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Teacher: Miss Suzan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cooper

Home Learning

Given out: Thursday 

Completed and handed in by: Tuesday


Each week your child will be given home learning to practise the skills covered in school. They will cover:

  • Spellings linked to their learning in phonics. Practise being able to read and spell the words.
  • Maths task linked to the current topic.

Please complete the activities in their blue home learning book.


We also set weekly Mathletics challenges for your child, we expect children to spend around 30 minutes per week to complete these at home. Your child's log in details are in the front of their home learning book. See the Maths tab below for information.


We do not do a formal spelling test, but we do play games to check and can see it in their writing!

Things to practise every day!



Access BugClub (see the reading tab below for details) and listen to your child read for 20 minutes each day. 

Year 1 reading questions to discuss with your children


Spend 10-15minutes each day on Teach Your Monster to Read (see phonics tab below) to practise their phonics.

Encourage your child to repeat the sound and word after it has been spoken on the video


Încurajați-vă copilul să repete sunetul și cuvântul după ce a fost spus în videoclip


Заохочуйте дитину повторити звук і слово після того, як це було сказано у відео.


Anime a su hijo a repetir el sonido y la palabra después de que se hayan dicho en el video.


Click the link the below to practise the sounds with your child:


Click the link for your child to practise the words at home:


Click the link below to practise the sight words

We are Learning

This week in class we are learning:



  English Maths Phonics D&T Art
WB: 28/09/20

Exploring the book

Stanely's Stick for the next week.



Represent numbers up to 10 in many ways through regrouping


using cubes, money up to 10p

un voiced 'th' m-o-th voiced 'th' for example th-a-t

ch sound, ng sound 

Looking at different types of vehicles. Comparing their features and how they move.
Using different pressure and tools with pastels to create different textures.


If your child happens to be learning at home due to the current pandemic, please use the information above to help them keep up in their learning. If you have any questions, please call to speak to Miss Suzan.


Click on the subjects below for more information on supporting your child at home.


The children have P.E on Tuesdays, children need to come to school in their P.E kit. Please ensure that earrings are either removed or studs covered with tape.


All children need to have a NAMED water bottle in school everyday. A piece of fruit is provided everyday for your child to have for snack, so there is no need to send in snacks for Year 1.


Housepoints are awarded for positive behaviour and good work.